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It is important to prepare an emergency plan in advance so your family isn’t affected by a power shutoff – or any other emergency.
With Constant Energy Capital, you can get back up power today, and pay over time

With Constant Energy Capital, you can get back up power today, and pay over time

Extreme weather and wildfire preparedness

There are many back-up power options available. Choose one that fits your family’s needs and that can power your home for the duration of an extreme weather or wildfire event.

Why do I need a generator?

Back-up generators are connected to a continuous fuel source, so they can power your home for hours, days or weeks when extreme weather or wildfire related power shutoffs occur.

How do I choose the right one?

Do you need to power your entire home or just the essentials? Be sure to plan for any medical needs  like medications that need to be refrigerated or devices that require power like breathing machines, power wheelchairs or scooters, or home oxygen.

I don’t have the cash to buy a generator today.

No worries! With Constant Energy Capital, you can buy a generator today and pay over time with easy monthly payments. You can apply and get a decision in just a couple of minutes.

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Get back-up power now, and pay over time

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Public Safety Power Shutoff

Learn more about how you may be affected with mandatory power shutdowns.

What is a Public Safety Power Shutoff?

In order to keep communities safe, your local energy company may need to turn off power during extreme weather or wildfire conditions. This is called a Public Safety Power Shutoff.

Learn more here

Besides installing a generator, how else can I get prepared?

The threats of wildfire and extreme weather in California are real. As a result, California’s three largest energy companies may shutoff electric power in an effort to prevent a wildfire.

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Prevent and prepare for wildfires.

Plan. Know. Act. Check out what CalFire is doing to help communities prepare for and prevent wildfire.

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